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Digitizing the first mile

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Founded in 2018 by a global team of freight forwarding experts with over 50 years of collective experience. Blinkfreight is an Asia-based international freight forwarder offering incredibly easy-to-use cloud-based dashboards to enable 24/7 real-time visibility on every shipment.

With operational office locations in Shanghai and Singapore servicing the world.

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Digitizing the first mile

Our software enables us to efficiently manage multiple stakeholders simultaneously.


API First Ecosystem

We bring together everything that’s required for a fully integrated ecosystem with cutting edge technology, providing our customers with extremely efficient processes and transparency across the supply chain.

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Business Impact

“Blinkfreight has allowed us to do business faster than our competitors, from quoting to having access to real-time visibility which never was available before”

Carlos Cheesman

Airgroup (Radiant Global Logistics)


0% invoice disputes (market avg. 20%)


Real-time information to eliminate risk


Improve quote-to-booking ratio by 20%+


No human errors on shipments

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