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Transforming global logistics

We offer a simple, incredibly easy to use out-of-the-box dashboard for Freight Forwarders

Blinkfreight is everything you need to level the logistics playing field

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Blinkfreight has been custom built to ensure logistics providers increase their operational efficiency, lower their overhead costs, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Book end-to-end ocean freight or air freight shipments at any time, from anywhere. Manage all of your containers, bookings, documents and more, all on a single platform.

Real-time Management

Book freight shipments instantly. Arrange carriers, pickups, vessels and more on your dashboard.

24/7 Shipment Tracking

Manage documents and your booking processes from shippers all in real-time, no need to wait for them to be sent to you.

Work Seamlessly On The Go

Blinkcargo offers the same experiences on desktop and mobile so that you can work anytime, everywhere.

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